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In the simplest of terms, a general contractor is in charge of everything, keeping your project on schedule and on budget, and working with you for the entire length of your building design and building construction project. The general contractor handles construction management duties, including procurement of necessary materials, hiring of subcontractors for specific building construction duties, communication with vendors and trades, monitoring schedule and budgetary concerns, and overall supervision of the construction site. As your general contractor, Superior Construction & Consulting, Inc. will work tirelessly to provide unparalleled craftsmanship and unmatched expertise every step of the way. We have over 30 years of construction management experience and a proven track record of excellence. Together, we will make your building design and building construction project a reality.

Yes, absolutely! This is your building design and building construction project, and your wants and needs should always be kept front of mind by your general contractor. As a construction company, Superior Construction,. is proud to usher in a “New Era of Building”, putting the customer first in all aspects of the design build process.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the world’s foremost green building certification programs. LEED provides a set of guidelines for designing highly efficient eco-friendly and resource-conscious buildings. Nearly all design build projects qualify for LEED distinction. When a building construction receives a LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum recognition, it serves as a symbol of the commitment made by both customer and construction company to strive toward a more environmentally conscious future. We strive to minimize our environmental impact with each building design and building construction process, and we are proud to hold our LEED AP BD+C advanced professional credential signifying out expertise in green building practices for Building Design and Construction.

Our team is prepared to handle any and all of your building design and building construction needs, from a brick and mortar retail establishment, where physical footprint may be extremely small, to industrial manufacturing facilities, where maximizing scale and efficiency makes the difference between productivity and a bottlenecked disaster. Our team is equipped to handle any size design build project and provide unmatched quality along the way.

The short answer is “No”. By hiring your contractor as your construction manager too, you no longer have an independent, knowledgeable advocate working on your behalf to verify the contractor’s work, billings and lien releases. All of the checks and balances are eliminated by using the contractor as the construction manager. In this situation you must now trust that the contractor will put your interests ahead of his own as he completes your project. Engaging a construction management firm to oversee the work of the general contractor ensures that you have an independent advocate on your side for all construction, budget and scheduling issues. This oversight becomes ineffective when the contractor supervises themselves. A quality construction manager will ensure adherence to the plans, specifications and budget so as to complete the project in accordance with the cost, time and quality objectives.

When deciding whether or not you need professional construction management services, you should consider who would handle these associated tasks: 1. Preparation of design, engineering and budget requirements 2. Analysis of the feasibility of materials, methods and other construction-related cost factors 3. Coordinate of contract documents, drawings, specifications and schedules 4. Prequalification and coordination of general and specialty contractors 5. Conduct pre-bid conferences for the bidding contractors, answer their requests for clarification 6. Preparation of bid documents, which maintains consistency in the bid process 7. Analysis of bids for correctness and adherence to the specifications 8. Review of the construction contract and schedule 9. Coordination of the contractors’ activities to meet the association’s needs 10. Review of the work in progress to verify compliance with the contract specifications, schedules and invoice requests 11. Review of any change orders for accuracy and reasonableness and verify the validity, the cost and the effect on the schedule 12. Maintaining complete cost accounting records for all contractors and vendors 13. Review of lien releases, ensure that the proper forms are used and are completed correctly 14. Providing interpretations and resolutions to issues that arise 15. Verifying that contractors and vendors carry the correct insurance to work in common interest developments 16. Review and approval of product samples, shop drawings, or other submittals 17. Conducting final inspection of the project and develop a “punch-list” for completion of incomplete work 18. Securing all guarantees, affidavits, releases and manuals for the association’s permanent record - If you are not confident in the ability of your team to complete all of the above tasks in a timely and competent manner, you may want to consider our construction management services.

Design Build Associates is a full service construction management and consulting firm with offices in Westlake Village and Tustin, CA. Our primary services include: 1. Construction Management 2. Roofing & Waterproofing Consulting 3. Scope of Work Development 4. Cost Estimating 5. Expert Witness & Litigation Support 6. Assistance with Project Funding

A lot of consultants charge a fee per day, per hour, or even per fraction of an hour. That assumes that the client values the consultant's time as much as the consultant values their time. Unfortunately, it means that the longer the consultant takes, the more money they make - creating an incentive for inefficiency. We think clients are more concerned with end results. We also think that clients prefer to have an idea of the cost of something before they pay for it. Therefore we prefer to base our fees on the value of the end result. We establish these fees up front so that there are no surprises.

SGCC is based in Northern New Jersey in the city of North Bergen. While the bulk of our projects are located in New Jersey, NYC, Connecticut, Rhode Island and upstate New York , we are available wherever we are needed. Previous projects have taken SGCC into Northern and Central California, Nevada, Arizona and Missouri.

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